Φωτό: Weege (Arthur H. Fellig) – (1899-1968)

02 Dec

Φωτό: Weege (Arthur H. Fellig) – (1899-1968)

Fellig’s photographs appeared in nearly all of New York’s newspapers including New York Tribune, New York Post, World-Telegram, Daily News, Journal-American, PM and the New York Sun. In 1941 the Photo League put on an exhibition of his work, Weegee: Murder is My Business.

After the publication of his highly successful book, Naked City (1945). Fellig abandoned crime photos and concentrated on advertising assignments for Life, Vogue, Holiday, Look and Fortune. Other books by Fellig included Weegee People (1946), Naked Hollywood (1953) and Weegee by Weegee (1961). Arthur Fellig died on 26th December, 1968.


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